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Homeroom Textbook

​​Content Resources:

American Government/Civics

American Government/Civics Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies

Teacher Notes

American Government/Civics Teacher Notes

Free and Open American Government Resources

More Free and Open Government Resources


Instructional Resources:

American Government/Civics Curriculum Map

American Government/Civics Curriculum Map

Unit 1

Sample Unit Connecting Themes 

Unit 2

Sample Unit Foundations of American Government

​Sample Lesson

Unit 3

Sample Unit The United States Constitution

Unit 4

Sample Unit The Federal System of Government

Unit 5

Sample UnitCivil Liberties and Civil Rights

​Sample Lesson

Unit 6

Sample Unit The Legislative Branch

​Sample Lesson​

Unit 7

Sample Unit The Executive Branch, Federal Bureaucracy, and Foreign Policy

Unit 8

Sample Unit The Election Process and Civic Responsibility

​Sample Lesson​

Unit 9

Sample Unit The Judicial Branch and the Criminal Justice Process

Unit 10

Sample Unit Georgia Government and the State Constitution



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