What is Open Utopian?

Open Utopian is the online home of Instructional Technology at Utopian Academy for the Arts, a Title I Charter School in Ellenwood, GA. 

Open Utopian is a primarily a place where Teachers, Parents, and Students can access learning and study materials online in one place. 

Open Utopian is secondarily a place where anyone can access educational resources to use for free as long as they follow these simple terms of use and the Creative Commons License. You might be interested in WHY open source software and resources should be used in schools. 

Additionally, we link to MANY resources. We NEVER receive payment for what we link to. We strive to link to as many free and open resources as possible, but cannot always gurantee this. When you leave this site, be sure to pay attention to how to use and attribute the work at that site.


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